“In a time where everything is about speed, ... fast deliveries ... being faster than the competition ... customers who cannot wait ... Courier Service Turbo Express is the ideal solution for a fast and punctual delivery. No worries, No stress ... that's Turbo Express”

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Are you looking for an express courier because:

If you answered at least one of these questions with a yes, we can mean something for you!

Urgently need a courier? Does it need to go fast?

Immediate pick ups, prompt deliveries, never combining shipments for multiple companies, no distribution and no subcontractors, ...

Thanks to these features we can assure you that:

Best rates in Antwerp & Belgium

In the first place, you never pay surcharges with us, which means:

In the second place, our mileage rates are the best in Antwerp & Belgium

In the third place, we work with the real mileage instead of the longest distance

So in order for you to receive this profitable rate as well, you only have to:

The sooner you call, the sooner your problem will be solved

We are ready to leave for all express shipments to / from Belgium and Europe.

And because of our unique rate system we are able to offer you to best possible rates for any shipment leaving from Belgium or The Netherlands.

Day, night or weekends, 24 /7 ... We are always there for you.

Give us a call +32 (0)3/644.52.22 and we are on our way!

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